Bim the Female Euphoric Telepathic Bardic Changeling,
medium natural humanoid shapechanger, Level 4, 3750 xp.

AC +8, Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +8
Speed 6, Initiative +2, Passive Insight 19, Passive Perception 17, AP 1, PP 4

STR 8 (-1/+1), DEX 10 (+0/+2), CON 13 (+1/+3)
INT 18 (+4/+6), WIS 11 (+0/+2), CHA 18 (+4/+6)
HP 37, Bloodied 18, Surge Value 9, Surges/day 7

Acrobatics (DEX) +2
Arcana (INT) +6
Athletics (STR) +1
Bluff (CHA) +13
Diplomacy (CHA) +11
Dungeoneering (WIS) +2
Endurance (CON) +3
Heal (WIS) +2
History (INT) +6
Insight (WIS) +9
Intimidate (CHA) +6
Nature (WIS) +2
Perception (WIS) +7
Religion (INT) +6
Stealth (DEX) +2
Streetwise (CHA) +8
Thievery (DEX) +2

Alignment unaligned
Languages common

Bardic dilettante
Staff Expertise
Unarmored Agility

Adventurers Kit w.o. hemp
100’ silk
0 Conzumate Crystals
Orb (implement)
Staff of the Renewing Source +1 / +1d6 (implement)
14 gp, 9 sp, 9 cp


Ardent Mantle of Elation: Aura 5, Allies gain +3 dmg for OA and +2 for Diplomacy and Intimidation

Intellect Fortress: Immedeate Interrupt Encounter,
when you are hit you gain +6 bonus to that defense until the end of your next turn

Basic melee attack: Standard At-Will, Staff, Weapon, +3 vs AC / 1d8

Energizing Strike: Standard At-Will, Staff, Augmentable, +8 vs AC / 1d8 + 5 and ally within 5 gain 5 thp

Mind Thrust: Standard At-Will, Augmentable Implement, Ranged 10, +8 vs Will / 1d10 + 5 psychic dmg

Psychic Anomaly: Standard At-Will, Augmentable Implement, Ranged 10, Opportunity Action:
Melee 1, Trigger: Enemy start its turn in a square adjactent to anomaly.
+8 vs Will / 1d6+5 psychic dmg
Augment 1: allies can flank the anomay.
Augment 2: 1d8+5 psychic dmg, target dazed until end of your next turn.

Living Missile: Standard Daily, Implement, Ranged 10, +6 vs Fort /
Hit: Imobilized (save), Miss: Slowed (save), Secondary attack until save
- Secondary: Minor 1/round, Ranged 10, Slide 10,
- attack one adjactent creature during slide, +6 vs Ref of secondary target
- - Hit: Secondary target 2d6 + 5 dmg and Prone, Primary target ½ dmg and Prone,
- - Miss: Secondary ½ dmg, Primary Prone

Changeling Disguise: Minor At-Will, Personal Polymorph, Change to any Size M creature, +5 on Bluff vs Insight

Changeling Trick: Minor Encounter, Melee, Bluff vs Passive Insight to gain Combat Advantage until end of next turn

Ardent Surge: Minor Encounter, Heal, Close Burst 5, target spend a Healing Surge, gain +1d6 hp
and target get +1 on attack roll until your next turn

Majestic Word: Minor Daily, Heal, Close Burst 5, Target spend a Healing Surge, gain + 4 hp and target can slide 1 square

Send Thoughts: Free Encounter, telepathically send 25 words in language target understands, target can answer

Wishlist (under construction)

Defensive Armor lvl3 +1 680 gp
Armor: Any, Enhancement: AC
Power (Daily, Augmentable): Immediate Interrupt.
Trigger: An enemy hits you.
Effect: Until the start of your next turn, you gain a +2 bonus to the defense that the triggering enemy hit.
Augment 1: the bonus increases to +5.





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